Til Tomorrow - SINGLE

(Jordan Walker, Johnny McGuire, Brian Carper, Trey Matthews)

It's good to be out again
Good to see all my friends
I had to get out of that house‘
Cause feeling sorry for myself
Wasn't working out so well
Oh but baby, look at me now
Well, it took three months but better late than never
And to think I thought I would hurt forever

But baby tonight I'm alright
Yeah, I finally got you off my mind
I'm not here fighting back tears
I'm having the time of my life
Hell, I may just stay out all damn night
You think I'm drowning in my sorrows
But I swear I'll never love you again
Til tomorrow

The hangover I'll go through
Won't have nothing on you
So bartenderHow about another round
Yeah, I know that I'm ignoring all the warnings
But I'll worry about the morning in the morning


When this temporary whiskey fix is over
And it dawns on me that I need you when I'm sober
So maybe you're right
It's time
To get over you and get on with my life

Til Tomorrow


(Jordan Walker, Johnny McGuire, Chris Dubois, Brent Anderson)

Why does beer have to taste so good, but too much makes ya feel so bad
Why are some days empty hooks and some days it’s every other cast
Was there a shooter on the grassy knoll, where did D.B. Cooper go
Hell, where do socks in the dryer go
I guess some things you ain’t meant to know

How you look even better in the mornin’, wrapped up, layin’ in my bed
How I did it, just don’t get it
I look at you and just shake my head
‘Cause outta seven billion people on the planet, never understand it
How you ended up with me, girl
It’s just one of those mysteries of the world

If you’d a told me the night we met, I’d be sittin’ right here tonight
Watching you slip into that dress, I’d a said you were outta your damn mind
But here I am and honey there you go blowing my mind again
Yeah I guess it just goes to show
Some things don’t make no sense like


Just one of those mysteries of the world
(Just one of those mysteries of the world)

‘Cause outta 7 billion people on the planet, never understand it


Just one of those mysteries of the world, yeah